Ruzi Bull

The Ruzi Bull, created by the famous Chinese scholar Lu Xun, symbolizes diligence and loyalty to live up meritorious principles. As Shaoxing is Lu Xun’s native place, Ruzi Bull becomes an emblem of Shaoxing people.


A sincere and modest father. He is industrious and dependable at work. He devotes himself to caring for his family wholeheartedly. This selfless dedication to family is highly appreciated. Niko loves his son Niki very much.


Niko's wife who always put her family as top priority. She is good at housework, embodying the virtue of a traditional Chinese house-wife.


The loving son of Niko and Nini. He is courteous and good-natured. Inherited from the token of Ruzi Bull, Niki possesses the spirit of selfless dedication.