Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards live in the snowy mountains of Western China, particularly around the Heavenly Mountain in Xinjiang. They like to live alone like a hermit: strong, mystical and highly respected.


The elder of the Snow Leopard family who gains respect from the family members. He is often seen as a calm and kind old man. In fact, he was once a brave warrior in the past. He can always lead the family to overcome challenges and hardships.


A cheerful and energetic father, who still possesses childlike characteristics. He is optimistic about everything, like climbing every mountains and love challenges.


Cuta's wife, who is gentle but when she gets serious, she will reveal her haughty nature, a typical feature of a snow leopard. She devotes all her energy in guiding and teaching young Cucu, wishing him become the leader of the family in the future.


Son of Cuta and Cumei. He is clever and well-behaved and is doted on by the family. Despite his young age, Cucu has already adapted to the extreme natural habitat, the high mountain area. Unlike his father, Cucu is introvert and gentle in nature.