Bactrian Camel

Bactrian Camels have two humps rather than the single hump of their Arabian relatives. They are known for their hardworking, persistence and mild character, highly adaptable in the desert and harsh environment. They are a symbol of gentle and hard working beings. Bactrian camels are regarded as “ships of the desert”.


Being a father of two kids, Letian is the head of the family. He is quiet and yet a typical family man. He is also a diligent and devoted father who always paves the way for his kids no matter how hard it is, which truly showcases the spirit of camel with unswerving determination.


A typical house-wife and mother who is full of grace, self-confidence and assiduity. Lucy is harsh on her kids in order to let them adapt to the unforgiving desert environment as early as they can.


The elder daughter of Letian and Lucy. She is humble and mature. She is a good sister who takes care of her younger brother patiently, giving him guidance whenever he gets into troubles. Luto shows enormous respect to her painstaking father.


A little kid who is energetic, mischievous, and always brings happiness to his family great. Although Lulu’s reckless always gets himself into a mess, with an optimistic personality, his courage has never been defeated.