[ 05/11/2019 ] Legends of the Cusi 2 E-Book in Store Now


After two years’ of production, Legends of Cusi 2 is finally online! This time, Cusi, the lucky stars from the sky, introduce to readers the five prominent historical figures who had remarkable achievements.  The five individual stories are: Hu Changyi and the “Mingjing Hu” Clan, Genghis Khan's Unification of the Mongols, Marco Polo's Journey to the East, The Golden Age under Emperor Yongle's Reign, and Zheng He's Voyages to the “Western Oceans”.  These legendary stories embody faith, bravery, perseverance, benevolence, and wisdom.  With unique style of pictures and in both Chinese and English, it is an ideal book for a family pastime.  Check out our Cusi Shop for the e-book of Legends of Cusi 2 now!